Welcome to Banks Boutique LLC

Posted by Melanie Williams on

Hello! My name is Melanie, and I am the owner of Banks Boutique, alongside my fiancé, Paul Banks. Hints the name Banks Boutique. We are located on the East Coast of Florida. First off, Welcome to Banks Boutique & I appreciate every one of you. We have so many variety of products to offer you! It is not tailored to meet one specific group of people by age or race, & I promise you, there is something for everyone! Anyways, I just wanted to create a little blog post to tell you all a little bit about myself & our boutique! I have been in retail for over 5 years now, previously with another company, and I have always wanted my own boutique. Due to our current economy & all of the hardships occurring because of the pandemic, I was unable to get my store but, that wasn't going to stop me! I just made it an online boutique instead in March 2021 and had the ability to offer others, the chance to sell it as well to make extra income in late April. I became a mother when I was only 20 years old, so I have struggled before with being a single mom before I met my fiancé. The daycare expenses just to work are outrageous and the hours of the job can typically only be 9-5 so, I was very excited I was able to give other stay at home moms, single moms, & anyone else an opportunity to make money at no cost to them. I strive to have cute inventory for all shapes and sizes as well as, diverse products. My fiancé and our two boys are multiracial (Black, White, and Hispanic), and my daughter is half black. That is another reason why I love to have diversity amongst our inventory. I value all of my customers and affiliates and hope to see our Boutique continue to grow :) 

Happy Shopping : )